Content Services Management Head of Section



Vacancy location


Job Duties

1. Set the annual approach/objectives of retail and corporate content services based on marketing strategy.
2. Develop the annual plan of retail and corporate content services.
3. Prepare the yearly forecast of potential number of subscribers for each content service per month.
4. Analyze the market and international content services trends, review the received segmentation reports related to content services to come up with potential new retail and corporate services /offers.
5. Review and evaluate the yearly services updates provided by service provider and develop the services plan when needed.
6. Develop and recommend pricing and re-pricing plans for content services.
7. Check and approve the prepared feasibility study for each new project related to content services.
8. Check and approve the initial design of services /offers prepared by specialist.
9. Check and approve the prepared executive summary for each new project related to content services /offers.
10. Review and discuss the scope and business case of each new project related to Content services /offers with all concerned parties.
11. Review SY-TPRA correspondences related to any new or canceled services.
12. Develop and approve proposed marketing plan related to content services / offers including communication plan, marketing discourses and activation plan.
13. Review and approve marketing briefs, follow up media plan implementation with communication unit and propose the necessary enhancements when needed.
14. Ensure the development of competitive customers experiences through reviewing all interactive channels.
15. Monitor the performance of content services / offers to ensure achieving the targets and recommend / approve the suggested actions or enhancements proposed by specialist.
16. Review the competitor report and studies prepared by specialist and come up with appropriate competitive solutions if needed.
17. Review, recommend and approve requested surveys for content services and offers, analyze results with specialist and come up with necessary actions.
18. Prepare, review and submit analytical and quantitative status to management when needed.
19. Monitor the churn rate and work to minimize it as possible.
20. Ensure solving and responding to customer’s complaints and inquiries effectively and on a timely manner in coordination with concerned parties.
21. Negotiate new service providers agreements to guarantee the company best interest.
22. Build and maintain excellent business relations with existing and new providers.
23. Study and analyze services proposals to find new opportunities to the company that suit the Syrian market, and increase revenue and market share.
24. Review designs, layout/artworks, slogans, brand names and literature related content services and propose the necessary enhancement when needed.
25. Provide direct line of authority with timely / ad hoc reports related to services performance.


Bachelor’s Degree in Marketing / Business Administration is required.


3 Years of experience in marketing is required.

Professional Certificates


Knowledge, Skills & Abilities

Good level in English and Microsoft Office is required.

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