Transport Planning Access Microwave Engineer



Vacancy location


Job Duties

1. Prepare plans and work orders to support network expansion, modifications and launching of new services. 2. Maintain efficient and secure access microwave connectivity, capacities and performance by conducting continuous review, research and propose network plans and solutions. 3. Ensure that the performance of transport network is within the preset KPIs. 4. Follow up with network operation unit (access network) in regard to all plans, projects and work orders submitted for execution. 5. Check and ensure accurate validation of ST claims for microwave network resources. 6. Work on maintaining updated leased transport facilities database (leased spectrum, links and other resources). 7. Maintain transport services offered to all customers internal and external and guarantee service quality as per the network performance KPI's. 8. Review database of available microwave hardware and software resources in warehouse as requested. 9. Keep records about the corrective and preventive actions applied to solve customers’ complaints. 10. Maintain and enhance network performance and protect the network and customers' networks from unauthorized access and security breaches. 11. Monitor network performance and maintain the requirements and KPIs 12. Study network QoS mechanisms for optimization.


Bachelor’s Degree in Telecom/IT/Electronic Engineering is required.


2 Years of relevant experience is required.

Professional Certificates


Knowledge, Skills & Abilities

Good level in English and Microsoft Office is required.

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