About Wafa

Wafa Telecom is the newest telecom operator in Syria.
At Wafa, we always strive to provide a completely different experience in the telecom industry, integrated solutions and customized services to meet the needs of our customers.

About Wafa

Vision & Mission

Our Vision & Mission


Wafa’s vision is to passionately work together to give our customers the simplest and most valuable digital and connectivity experience that will be part of life and economic blooming in Syria.


Create Smart, valuable, exclusive and trusted communication channels with customers and interested parties.

Our Values

At Wafa, our values are important part of who we are, what we stand for and how we act.

1- Syrian

We embrace the Syrian essence and culture.

2- Respect

We cultivate a culture of respect.

3- Lead

We inspire proactive action and guide others toward success.

4- Trust

We build strong relationships through integrity and dependability.

5- Act honestly

We embrace truth, and ethical conduct in all endeavors.

6- Simplify

We believe in the beauty of simplicity.

7- Add values

We add value to whatever we do.

Our Values