Roaming & Interconnect Billing Specialist


Information Technology

Vacancy location


Job Duties

1. Administrate Interconnect and Roaming Billing System and other integrated systems (users, groups, privileges, and reports).
2. Run and monitor Interconnect and Roaming Billing daily operations (call collection, financial postings) and systems (roaming, NRT near real time, Interconnect).
3. Setup up and maintain tariffs for interconnect partners.
4. Coordinate with Technical – Network Operation Unit to add or modify new traffic route / new traffic group, and the type of this traffic.
5. Handle suspended Call Detailed Records CDRs “fixing, reprocessing, and re-rating, etc.”.
6. Check Interconnect tests result and CDRs for new Interconnect agreement.
7. Coordination with Finance Department for Transferred Account Procedures TAP IN,TAP OUT and settlements with other operators.
8. Develop requested roaming billing scripts and Interconnect reports.
9. Perform pre and post billing checks related to roaming usage and billing.
10. Perform roaming TADIG (Transferred Account Data Interchange Group) testing for new roaming agreements.
11. Reconcile roaming invoices with TAPIN files and generate reconciliation results.
12. Perform daily rating gap analysis.
13. Handle all requests from other departments related to Interconnect and Roaming Billing issues.
14. Solve customers' complaints received by Customer Service effectively and timely as per related policies and procedures.
15. Provide Customer Service with complete and accurate feedback about the actions applied to solve the complaints.
16. Keep records about the corrective and preventive actions applied to solve customers’ complaints.


Bachelor’s degree in in Information Technology, Computer Science or equivalent is required.


At least one year relevant experience is required.

Professional Certificates


Knowledge, Skills & Abilities

Good level in English and Microsoft Office is required.

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