Marketing & Commodities Procurement Specialist


Supply Chain

Vacancy location


Job Duties

  1. Monitor the (Unit/Section) payment activities, suppliers financial reports and price proposals.
  2. Analyze suppliers’ trends and behaviors, and identify saving opportunities in order to recommend the best purchasing decisions.
  3. Develop and perform models of costs and contractual analysis in coordination with all procurement entities.
  4. Continuously monitor and benchmark best industry practices in order to develop new sourcing specifications and evaluation techniques.
  5. Analyze the master annual purchasing plan in coordination with requesting departments.
  6. Study and analyze market conditions and risks and provide recommendations accordingly.
  7. Prepare comparison reports between current stock Vs. ongoing orders review it with HOS and then send the results to HOU.
  8. Evaluate suppliers when needed and send feedback to HOS and update suppliers’ list based on the approved evaluation results.
  9. Coordinate with suppliers regarding the delivery of shipments and notify Warehouse team and concerned parties with delivery due date.
  10. Ensure that materials/services are delivered on planned time and follow-up on delays if any.
  11. Arrange for technical inspection for the direct purchasing items delivered directly to end user, when required.
  12. Check supplier’s invoices and ensure consistency with PO and delivery receipts and send it with other related documents to Finance Dep.
  13. Prepare and issue expense report and send to Head of Section for review.
  14. Follow up the supplier’s due payment with Finance Department and inform suppliers of payment readiness for collection.
  15. Prepare and issue End User Receipt/ Receipt of Purchased Materials to be signed by the concerned upon receiving items, according to the policies and procedures.
  16. Prepares a letter of purchase order based on the approved PO and sends it to be reviewed and signed by the concerned entities from WAFA and by supplier.
  17. Inform Facilities & Commodities Procurement Operations team about changing the requested items’ details by suppliers or any non-conforming cases to be handled by them.
  18. Keep archived softcopies for all Procurement and maintain relevant records and update when needed.
  19. Collect the needed documents from suppliers (Commercial register, authorization letter, etc.).
  20. Prepare the agreement document with the selected supplier and follow up renewing it yearly .


Bachelor’s Degree is required.


At least one year relevant experience is required.

Knowledge, Skills & Abilities

Good level in English and Microsoft Office is required.

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