Mechanical Engineer


Executive Office

Vacancy location


Job Duties

  1. Conduct site survey when needed to verify the requirements & conditions of the telecom facility’s mechanical support systems in coordination with contractor.
  2. Prepare or review and confirm the mechanical systems designs for telecom facility.
  3. Review the Bill of Quantities (BOQs) of mechanical works based on design & estimated quantities of materials, potential environmental hazards, and other factors during the planning stage.
  4. Identify needed HVAC equipment and systems for any new telecom Facility.
  5. Conduct site visit to inspect the mechanical works to assure the proper implementation of the rehabilitation or construction project plan
  6. Supervise the installation for HVAC systems and apply acceptance.
  7. Perform needed integration with main systems.
  8. Follow up operation works regarding HVAC systems in telecom facilities.
  9. Troubleshoot HVAC systems fault alarms to identify, correct malfunctions and other operational difficulties, and follow up the necessary actions with the concerned parties.
  10. Prepare preventative maintenance plans for HVAC systems and equipment.
  11. Perform corrective maintenance and repairs in case of incidents to solve system/ equipment failure.
  12. Keep record of preventive and corrective maintenance and analyze systems and equipment malfunctions to prevent reoccurrence.


Bachelor’s degree in Mechanical Engineering is required


At least three years’ experience in procurement is required.

Knowledge, Skills & Abilities

Good level in English and Microsoft Office is required.

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